A series of durational pieces that tested habit forming acts in order to connect with others, whether they liked it or not. The contents of the exchanges remain private.

A Joke A Day (for as long as it takes), 2014

Mobile telephone text messages

Duration: February – August 2014

A man diagnosed with a serious illness began receiving anonymous mobile phone text messages on 24 February 2014. One message sent each day.

On 4 March 2014 the recipient figured out who the sender was. The jokes continued to be sent until there was an improvement in his condition.

Aristotle Carbonara, 2014

Daily mobile telephone text messages

Duration: March to August 2014

Upon finding out about the impending birth of a baby a daily text message was sent to the mother, each day suggesting a possible name for the child. The suggestions were just beyond what it is acceptable to call a child in Britain in 2014. 

Postcards, 2014

One postcard sent each postal day of the week

Duration: March – September 2014

Responding to a general request to keep in touch to help bolster the spirits of a man recently diagnosed with a serious illness; one postcard was sent to him anonymously each postal day.

The sender was identified by the recipient after a short period of time. The postcards continued to be sent for a necessary amount of time.