Created by Jodie Marks and Martyn Cross in December 2016, couch has been devised as a friendly, supportive space to encourage dialogue across creative practice.

By providing a creative structure to support the founders' own practice through networking, critical engagement and curation, the aim is to grow a mutual exchange with other artists operating within contemporary art practice, to share ideas and make connections between artists across the UK (and ultimately, beyond).

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couch presents...

#wip Samuel James Hunt: cell maquettes

couch is interested in what happens in the studio and what gets made on the journey towards finished pieces. In April 2018 at BV Open Studios, couch presented a series of small wooden maquettes by Sam Hunt. These were working drawings towards an installation in the landscape, Cell, and provide a useful insight into the play, workings out and process apparent in Sam's practice.

Short text accompanying the show available here


couch show

An inaugural show at BV Open Studios, Bristol from 21 - 23 April 2017, presented a collaborative installation by Jodie and Martyn as a means of creatively exploring commonalities between the two artists and as a means of beginning to establish ways forward for couch. Analysis of the assemblage took place over the Open Studios weekend via Instagram @couch_space.

couch at BV Open Studios, Bristol, 2017

Creative conversation via assemblage